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The documentation for MiG Calendar consists of Guides touching the basic aspects of the component and a comprehensive API JavaDoc. Start with the guides and when you develop make sure you use the JavaDoc to get a reference to the API.



Java Calendar Component Getting Started Documentation

Getting Started Guide

This is a recommended first read when you want to develop using MiG Calendar. It shows a step by step example how to set up a basic calendar.

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Java Calendar Component Component Tutorial Documentation

MiG Calendar Component Tutorial

Shows the major parts of MiG Calendar and how they stick together. Explains the different possible approaches available for development and their pros and cons.

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Java Calendar Component API Documentation

MiG Calendar API JavaDoc

The API JavaDoc contains a lot of information about specific classes and methods. When you have read/viewed the artifacts above this is where you get the information in day to day development. It is important that this JavaDoc is mounted on the project so the information is close at hand.

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Java Calendar Component FAQ

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Contains the most commonly asked questions and their answers.

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Java Calendar Component JavaBeans Documentation

JavaBeans Guide

Explains the JavaBeans introduced in v5.5 in detail. How they work and should be connected. This is a must read for the JavaBeans approach.

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Java Calendar Component JavaBeans API

JavaBeans API

Since the API for the JavaBeans is absolutely central when using an IDE this PDF was created to have a single source of searchable information at hand with option to print. It should be used as reference.

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Java Calendar Component AShape Documentation

AShape Developers Guide

If the built in shape used for displaying activities is not enough there is the option to create a custom one. The AShape framework is a retained mode API similar to SVG and Swing and it is almost as flexible. It is created with painting speed in mind and as such needs a separate manual.

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Java Calendar Component DBConnect Documentation

DBConnect Guide

DBConnect is used to connect the in-memory depository of activities and categories to an external database. The plugin is very flexible and has many features to increase performance especially over slow connections and many users.

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