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Please, Evaluate Before You Purchase

We are certain that if you evaluate, you will purchase. We are in fact so certain about this that the evaluation version has no time limit or other feature caps. We have no refunds so far and we plan of having none by providing good and to the point support directly by the developers that created the component and by having less bugs through our Zero Bug Policy. When you are done evaluating you can purchase the component online and simply apply the license key to the component to make it a full version.


Make sure to take the time to mount the API JavaDoc. It is much simpler to develop having the documentation right there in the code. For even faster development you have the option to buy a source code license. This means you can jump into our code when you code and see what is really going on.


Evaluation Downloads for the MiG Calendar Component

  1   Click to Download Evaluation for Windows
  2   Click to Download Evaluation for Linux/Unix
  3   Click to Download Evaluation for Mac OS X


Evaluate in Four Easy Steps


View the Product PDF to see what you can do with the component. You will notice that if you want to create anything that even resembles a calendar, you can do it with this component. It really is that flexible!


Download a trial of the component and install it. Add it to the component palette in NetBeans, Eclipse (with Visual Designer, Swing Designer or JFormDesigner plugins), JFormDesigner or your favorite RAD IDE. Make sure to mount the JavaDocs as well. In NetBeans you need to tell the project where the migcalendarbean.jar is. You do this in the Project->Properties->Libraries.


Open any of the Demo Application Projects. The source code and project structure for all demo applications above is included with the trial. Import the source code into your project or if you are using NetBeans just open it as a normal Project. Configure, test, evaluate and produce!


When you are convinced that MiG Calendar can do what you want you can purchase it online in our online shop. Since MiG Calendar is runtime royalty free you can distribute your application to as many as you like. Then just enjoy our fast support and Zero Bug Policy, which means that when we get a bug report, will will drop what we do and fix the bug!