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MiG Calendar License Types

MiG Calendar is priced by the developer seat. The application you create can be distributed freely without additional costs. Any developer using any part of the MiG Calendar API needs to have a purchase license. There are several license bundles, all explained below.


Below is a short explanation of the different license types. For the full terms in the license download the End User License Agreement (EULA) below.

Single Developer License

The license is applicable to one developer and is non-transferable. You can purchase several one developer licenses to allow a team of developers to work with MiG Calenar.

Site Wide License

Allows for all developers in a corporation or organization, at a single physical site, to develop using MiG Calendar.

Enterprise Wide License

Allows for all developers in a company or organization to develop using MiG Calendar.

Source Code License

Allows for all developers that have a valid developer license (above) to gain access to the full and compilable source code of MiG Calendar. Note that there is a separate license agreement for the source code downloadable below.

Purchase MiG Calendar

To purchase the MiG Calendar Component or DBConnect please proceed to the online shop.

Invoices and Special Orders

For larger/custom orders, or if you need custom versions of the component, please contact sales. We can also provide custom invoices and process orders using bank transfers.

Java Calendar Component Buy Now Button
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MiG Calendar Resellers

ComponentSource is the largest online component reseller. They license MiG Calendar on the behalf of MiG InfoCom.

  Logo ComponentSource

EVGET is a Chinese software reseller which licenses MiG Calendar for sales in China. They provide first level support for our Chinese customers.

  Logo EVGET

IT2BE is a reseller of MiG Calendar as a wrapped bean for the Servoy platform. IT2BE provides first level support for the customers that use MiG Calendar on the Servoy platform.

  Logo IT2BE