Java Calendar Component Support Badge

Product Support

All MiG Calendar purchases include support. This includes fixing bugs in the component and providing information to get started and use the component.

MiG Calendar Support

Contact support (at) miginfocom (dot) com for support questions. For support questions please include the support license number.

Forums (not for support)

Our (now read only) forums can be used to search support questions.

Purchase and Delivery Support

MiG Calendar is currently offered through a third party reseller. If there are problem with the actual purchase, such as credit card problem or missing license key emails, you should contact them first. If you can not resolve the issue with them, feel free to contact our support and we will solve it to the best of our ability.


You can contact our support at any time. We will normally answer within 24 hours.

Zero Bug Policy

We will always keep the bug tally at zero. It is important that you can trust our component not to have bugs and the best way to do this is to not have a back log. If you report a bug through the issue reporting system we will fix it as soon as possible and send you an updated version, this we can promise.